Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I've craved along the way...

This post is really for me to look back on and remember what all I craved with Lexi Belle.  Surprisingly, I haven't craved the things I thought I would crave. There hasn't been anything too "crazy" (yet) but mainly just things that sounded particularly good quite often. :) Here's the list thus far...

Green Beans
Lemony Green Beans

McDonald's Chocolate Shakes

Sushi (which I can't have) :( I told Robert this is the first thing I want after Lexi is born..that's if I can't breast feed..

Regular Coke...I'm normally a diet coke drinker




...and Bunny Tracks Ice cream. This is a new one. I just bought some. Will be eating tonight. For sure.


So far that's really it....I still have 12 weeks out :)


  1. I JUST said to Jay the other day - after giving birth, I'd like to have a california roll and a glass of white zin (classy right haha!)

  2. Yikes!! The 12 weeks left part is starting to FREAK ME OUT!!!! But I'm really excited at the same time. :)