Monday, June 28, 2010

Tim McGraw & Lady Antebellum Surprise!

This weekend we had 4 of Robert's friends from Potosi visiting for a golf tournament. We had such a great weekend. We really wish those guys lived closer! It was a busy one though!

For the past month I have been talking about how bad I wanted to go to the Lady Antebellum concert in Kansas City at the Sprint Center. I didn't think it would be doable because we had company and we have been so busy lately I just didn't think we could make it happen. We were hanging out Saturday night and Robert whipped out 2 tickets from his wallet! SURPRISE! WE were going to Lady A and Tim McGraw!!! I was SO SO SOOOOO pumped. He's such a sweetheart--treats me pretty good I must say! So, Sunday afternoon we loaded up and went to KC. We went to Power & Light District a little while before the concert and he had booked a hotel for after :). The concert was amazing. Both Tim and Lady A were unbelievable! Love & Theft were also there...very good too! It was such a fun night and we really enjoyed it. This morning we woke up and Robert played in a golf tournament for KCPL in Overland Park. It worked out well since we stayed and he had to tee off at 8. I headed to Town Center which has to be one of the best malls EVER. I hit up Franseca's, J Crew, Banana Republic, B & Body Works, and LOFT. Found some good  buys so that was a bonus! It was such a great weekend! Thanks, babe!
(Pictures to come)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This one's for you TODD!

Here is a little shout out to my man...Todd. 
He is a devout follower of The Hollinsworth House and I wanted to take the opportunity to recognize him. Robert and I got to know Todd while in Idaho this summer. He was pretty much the life of the party and was always trying to organize events, "team building", and pretty much just make the situation as pleasant as possible. We really enjoyed him! BUT, I did have to reprimand Todd a few times. It's been so long that I can't really even remember the situation...I think it had something to do with a mountain or something...Mt. McKinley?? 
Love ya Todd!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mr. Jackson Baker

Look at this little man...this is Jackson Dwight Baker. He is my buddy this summer! I get him 2-3 days a week and love every second. He is the best baby! He giggles, plays, and cracks me up daily. He lets you know when he's bored or wants a bottle...but other than that- He is ALWAYS happy!  How could you not love that little face :) I'm sure I will have many other pictures over the next few weeks. I also get his cousin Riley a few days, too! These 2 babies are such bright spots for me and I enjoy them to pieces! Love you boys!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Yesterday after church we went to one of my dad's favorite places...El Camino. We had a good lunch and then went to my aunt and uncle's for dessert. It was a great day! Happy Father's Day Dad! Love you! Also a Happy Father's Day to my FIL, Bob! Love you too!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dinner Cruise...Saying Goodbye

On our last night in Idaho we went on a dinner cruise of the lake with the group. These are a few of the pics from the night...having fun & saying goodbye to everyone. It was harder than we thought it would be. Here are a few of our new friends from the trip :) Miss you guys!

Mr. Reed (Harley Man)

Me & Kip (from Vegas)

Me & the hubs

John Erik (Generic), Shawn, and Robert

Me & Annie

Me & Dad (aka Todd) Love ya man :)

Grandpa, Uncle Reed & me :) LOL!

Robert with his gpa and dad...too funny! (long story!)

Me & Tai (little girl I babysat)

US :)

It was a fun trip, but we were SO glad to get home. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last night....The Coeur d'Alene Resort

So this is the day we are spending in Moscow, Idaho. Rk has class until 3, and I am packing up and getting ready to LEAVE! Woohoo! It's been nice here but man are we EVER ready to get home. Luckily tonight we get a change of scenery! When Rk is done at 3, we will load up and drive an hour and a half to The Couer d'Alene Resort in Washington! Doesn't this place look AMAZING? I'm so excited! There is suppose to be a lot of little shops and stuff so we are going to go early and check it out. Tonight we get to go on a dinner cruise on this lake. We went on a dinner cruise while in Maui and it was one of our favorite things we did! Now, I'm sure Washington doesn't quite cmpare to Maui, but I'm sure the scenery will be amazing. I'm sure I will have a lot of pictures to post later. BUT, this will probably be my last post until we return to the MO state. By the way, some of these crazy people here think we are from Kentucky because of how we talk?! What's up with that? I don't hear an accent in our voice at all...guess they do. :) Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Little brother!

Tomorrow is my little (well, younger) brother, Ethan's birthday! He's turning the big 2-0 and I would like to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Weekend Getaway

This weekend we decided to take a break from Moscow and head to Riggins (white water rafting capital of Idaho) to do a little RAFTING! We left Friday afternoon and took the 2 1/2 hour drive to Riggins. The drive was through the mountains and most of it was right along the river, so it was very pretty! We got to Riggins and stayed at the Best Western. It wasn't like our Best Western in Moscow, it was very similar to a lodge! It was pretty awesome and sat right on the river. These pictures are from our window in the room. Not too bad, huh?

After we checked in, we went to dinner at the 7 Devils Steakhouse. It was pretty good. After dinner we went back and sat in the hot tub for a little while.

The next day we got up and headed to Mountain River Outfitters for our rafting trip. We suited up in wetsuits and splash gear and waited for the remaining groups to get there. We rode a van up to the put-in point and loaded up the rafts. Our group was suppose to go on a raft trip, but the water was at 50,000 cfs so the group canceled the trip. We decided to go anyways and the night before we went, the water went up to 85,000 cfs. Our raft guide said he had only seen it this high one other time! The water was MOVING!!! He said that the rapids all change when the water gets that high.
So we loaded the rafts and headed out. The water was around 42 degrees. Kinda chilly but not so bad. We went through most rapids fine until we got to "Ruby". Ruby was a class 4 rapid, right on the border of a class 5. It was AWESOME! The raft behind us didn't quite think the same thing though. We made it through this HUGE rapid, but shortly after making it through, we heard, "FLIP!!!" The raft behind us had flipped completely over and lost all of its passengers in the water! The raft guide's mother was on the raft (her daughter was the guide). She ended up in our boat and was hilarious. I laughed so hard at her after she got in the boat safely and we knew everything was ok. She was FREAKING out but the first thing she said was, "Where's my daughter, is she ok?" After all of the excitement--everyone was safe and sound and we headed on down the river.

We stopped about half way through and had lunch. The guides had packed our lunch and it was really good! French dip sandwiches and veggies & dip. Cookies, too! After we ate, we went on down the river and experienced some more pretty intense rapids. It was so fun and Robert and I loved it!

It was a good day and a nice get-a-way. Today, Sunday, we are just lounging around and taking it easy before Rk has to hit it again next week. Here are the pictures from the day! Beautiful!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally some sunshine...

SO today we FINALLY got to see some sunshine. It sounds like we better not get too used to it because the rain is suppose to return tomorrow. The last few days have been pretty laid back. Rk is really getting tired of the course...they rarely give them a break! All day lecture...dinner (sometimes with a lecture) dad was right when he said "utility bootcamp"!!! BUT, with all of that aside, Rk is learning quite a bit and it's a privilege to be here...I think ;)

So my days have consisted of waking up...turning on the TODAY show (my fav!)...having some coffee....going to the gym...and actually the last couple of days Rk has skipped lunch with the group and went with me! He brings along Shawn (rancher from Wyoming/engineer who designs/builds power plants). He is 32 and quite funny. He has A LOT of stories which are pretty humorous. He is actually leaving this weekend to go home to see his wife and 2 year old. DO NOT blame him at all!

Tonight is bowling with the group so we will see how that goes...

We were suppose to go rafting on Sunday but we found out today that the water is too big right now...It's up which means that there will be a lot of trees and debris that would not be fun to float with. SO now the weekend is up in the air on what we are going to do.

A bright spot in my day, besides lunch with the hubby, is the GRAND OPENING of RUE 21. This is a store I love and have been walking by every day in the mall...waiting for it to open. Well, today's the day and I went and it was wonderful. I could have spent a lot of money but didn't because 1-don't have room in the suitcase and 2- I have ENOUGH clothes and shoes.
My latest thing is summer dresses. I've come to the realization that they are comfy and stylish! Woo hoo! Found some cheap ones here so I should be in business!

Well, that's really all for now...Hope everyone is doing great.

Love, R &R