Thursday, February 24, 2011

Decisions...decisions...Bedding Decision

One of the biggest parts of your nursery is obviously your crib bedding. There are so many questions you have to answer: What colors do I want to use? What style do I want? Do I want a bumper or not? Tailored skirt? Ugh. It's hard. I've been pondering this topic for awhile now. I started with a 4-piece crib set on my registry at Baby's 'R Us but decided that I didn't really like it. It was ok but I couldn't really get excited about it. Well, then I found this bedding here at Kelly's Korner. She had her bedding for Harper (and Hollis) made here and I loved both sets that she has. I really liked Harper's. Here is what it looks like...

Isn't it cute!! I love the zebra and I had already decided on pink and brown. So, I got on Polka Tot Designs and went to design my bedding...holy smoly...I couldn't justify spending $400 on bedding! I love ya, Lex, but DANG! So I reevaluated my options and decided that making it would be the best route to get what I wanted. So what did I do? Called my grandma. The sewing master. I asked her if this would be doable and of course, she said yes, like always :). The next move was to locate the fabric. I couldn't find what I wanted at a store so I finally found it online at House Fabric. Deciding on my three staple fabrics wasn't easy, but here is what I came up with.

We shall see how it turns out...but I am super excited to see! We just got the crib in and can't wait to put it together!!!

On another note, I ordered these for Lexi today off Etsy. Aren't they cute!!! You just iron them on to a onesie!

It's a super nasty day in MO. Rain, cold, yuck.


  1. Oh, I like those decals! They're cute! I wish we'd just pick a name so I could order something like that.

  2. Yay for a crafty grandma! Can't wait to see how it looks :)
    Can you email me the site of the Etsy iron ons? Thanks!

  3. Hip Hip Hurray for the great Grandma!!Eager to see its final look.

  4. Love the fabric you picked out. It's super cute. And im
    Jealous you have a crafty grandma. No one in my family can sew lol. And I agree with the prices on that site. The one were getting I think is the cheapest lol. I think that's why the hubs liked it the best! I look forward to reading more on your blog!