Thursday, February 3, 2011

A couple of new items for Lexi & TLC's A Baby Story

 Here are the two newest things I've gotten for Lexi. Isn't this cute!!! I found it on (quite possibly my favorite website EVER). They had a million different patterns and colors, but I couldn't get away from the zebra. Robert said, "What's that for?" and I told him it was a wipes case...and he said, "Well, we probably need like 3 of those." He was being sarcastic. I think he thinks I'm addicted to ordering things online. Maybe I am :)

And here is her baby book. It's not very "girly" but I loved the cream polka dots and black and white ribbon. I started writing in it since we have been home for 3 days now due to the snow!

Today Robert had to go back to it's just me and Ellie at home. Here is what she does while I'll blog. :)

On another note...has anybody watched TLC's A Baby Story? 
Since we've been snowed in I have got to watch them and I cry every stinkin' time. Is that hormones or am I just a crack head? I'm not sure. :)

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  1. Have you watched Deliver Me yet on Oprah's network? It's my new favorite show. Love, love the wipes case! I have a major obsession with Etsy! If I was having a girl I would be in serious trouble!
    Thanks for stopping by! :)