Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pics from Grandma's Phone Today!

Everyday my grandma does such a great job of sending me photos of Miss Lexi Belle while she is at her house. I really appreciate this because I am constantly thinking of her during the day and this shows me how much fun she is having! I know she is fine, and I don't worry about her a bit! It's pretty comical the shenanigans they do...

Doesn't that look fun! 

She is really thinking she is big stuff now!
Sweet little baby....(big girl :( )

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Beautiful Day Outside.

Why hello there!
It's been awhile. 

I have been slaaaaacking in the blogging department. I have to get better. Have to!

But anyways. Catching up. We have been busy lately. With what, I don't know...but busy.

This past weekend I went with Renee, Emily and my SIL, Brooke for a girls day in KC. We got pedi's and did a little shopping and had a BLAST. We decided we needed to do that more often.

Today we went to church and then just came home and did some stuff around the house. It's be BEAUTIFUL here in MO and we took advantage of the weather today. Robert mowed and Lexi and I watched him. :) Here are some pics of Miss Lexi Belle enjoying the sunshine.

Lexi is getting so big. 2 more months until the big 1-year bday party! She is almost walking. She stands up by herself and then realizes, "Whoa, I'm standing up by myself!" and then she drops. Her personality is changing and she is really becoming a "big girl" and is losing that baby side. It is sad yet so fun at the same time.

More later.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break

We have hit the hump day of Spring Break.
I have enjoyed staying at home with miss Lexi Belle SOOOO much. After spending a few WHOLE days with her, I feel like I miss so much. She has said mama more than she ever has in the last 3 days. I know I have to work, but I feel like I am just watching the time fly by and enjoying the few hours a night I am with her. Well, there's my sob story for the day.

On the other hand. We have been having some fun. I'm starting to get in major 1st bday party planning mode, and we had a little photo shoot this week for the party is a little sneak peek...
This isn't the one we are using for the invitations...but it gives you an idea.
She did so good taking these pics! She is seriously getting cuter by the day...if that is possible.

It has been SO nice here in Missouri, I am taking every opportunity to take pics outside! This is in my parent's front yard. The Bradford Pear trees are in full right now and they are beautiful!

 I got to feelin' like doing a DIY project today, so this is what I came up with. I have seen a lot of these on pinterest, blogs, etc., but never thought how easy it would be to do! I cut Lexi's monogram out with my vinyl cutter and and bam. Monogrammed mirror! I love how it looks in her room!

On a sad note, my great grandpa passed away today.
He will be greatly missed.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lexi Belle Lately {9 1/2 months}

Hi there.
So I haven't exactly followed my plan of posting once a day! 
But I'm tellin' ya...when you get home from work at 5:30-6, then fix supper, then take baths, then in some laundry in there to your husband for 5 minutes...and MAYBE check some blogs....THERE IS NO TIME! Ha! 
You know what I'm sayin'.

SO, we are going to continue the "catch-up" pace. :) Cool.

First off, I want to say that today starts one of my fav weeks ever. 
Spring Break.
Being a teacher does have it perks I tell ya! 
We don't have plans...RK has an outage at the power plant which requires him to be around at all times. He is working a lot of hours which sucks, but Lexi Belle and I will be chillin' on the homestead. Sounds good to me. It's suppose to be like 81 in MO tomorrow and I am pumped! 

My grandparents celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary! So shout-out to them~ Happy 50th!!!

...and we have been birthday party planning! I cannot believe that we are already thinking about LB's 1st Birthday! Unreal.  Time just flies! But yes, planning the party...I've decided that the theme will be "Hot pink and zebra Minnie Mouse because our girl LOVES her some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I thought this would be a fun idea. Robert thinks I'm crazy because of all the stuff I want to do, but hey, they only turn once, right?!

I haven't been on the picture train much this week other than  on my phone. This instagram thing is killin' me I tell ya. I am on it constantly. Crazy. 

I did snap some of LB the other all of her cuteness...

Yes...we have found the toilet. 
Looks like more child proofing is going to have to happen.
This girl is all over the place :)
...and  she is the sweetest little thing you've ever seen. No like. Not just mommy talk.

Bye for now :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why hello there! 
Here is our week in Instagram pics!
If you haven't heard of Instagram you should check it out. You will be addicted.

The above pic is of Lexi Belle and Grandma one day when I picked her up.
Lexi was catching some zzzzz's in her carseat. Looks comfy, huh!?
My mom, Cameron, Lexi, and I went shopping Saturday at Lake of the Ozarks. We found quite a few good deals and had a fun day! Here is Cam and Lexi and Cam put some cute rain boots on Lex at Carters. Thought they looked so cute on her.

Well, I'm out for now. 

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