Monday, July 16, 2012


We broke down and bought locks for the cabinets. Little miss is in to EVERYTHING and it was time. Robert researched and found some locks similar to some our friends have in Texas. They work by magnet and there is NO way a toddler can get in to the cabinet. Heck, I am having a hard time with the darn things! They are for sure taking some getting acquainted with. Ugh. Every time I go to get something I curse because the dang thing won't open! I'll get it. Eventually.

I think Robert found them on Amazon, but if you haven't went through this stage with your little ones yet, consider these babies...because THEY.ARE.GOOD!

You stick this little thing on the outside of your cabinet directly in front of this little thing...
and after about 5 minutes, you will get your cabinet open. 
{after you get the hang of it, they open a little quicker ;)}

 OH, hey! I'm picking my nose...just kidding, tricked ya!

 One of our new favorites! Toy Story!
{Yes, I let my daughter watch a lot of tv. So what?}

 Sometimes she doesn't want to sit in her chair, so she flips it over and stands on it. Hm.

That's all for now.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Daily Dose of Cuteness

Hey friends. 
How's it going?
It's FRIDAY....

Basically we have realized we LOVE popsicles...and we got a new Card's shirt :) 

That's all for today friends.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Monkey, Good Deals, and Pretties

Well, hello there!
Long time, no see!

That might be because I don't have much time to blog when chasing around our little ball of energy. It seems that in the last few weeks she has became SO curious as to what EVERYTHING is...(everything she isn't suppose to have, that is.) I can't believe how much she has changed in the short time I have been off from work. She is growing like a weed and talking and running...I'm telling ya, the girl changes daily! She got a hold of a photo album today, and strung pictures out EVERYWHERE. I sat it up on her dresser thinking she couldn't get it and here is what I come in to see...

 Yes, she tried to find something to climb on! What a little monkey! As you can see, the bath toy tub didn't hold up for her....
 I have to give it to her though, good thought!

 I just wanted to mention this little pretty I printed for Lexi's room...thought it was cute!

I have been wearing these necklaces A LOT lately. Love the colors!

 Old Navy's clearance was awesome yesterday! Woop Woop!
{Yes, a 5'4 girl can wear tall sized clothing. I just make a short dress a maxi! Ha, just kidding...kind of}

This is Lexi Belle's most common position lately. That girl can squat and pop right back up. I don't get it! Why can't I do that? 

 Oh, HEY~
Just call me Minnie Mouse :)
{note the shirt}

Lexi Belle has been in major MOMMY mode lately. It's unreal how fast maternal instincts kick it! She has been all about bouncing and patting her babies and animals lately! She will even take her bottle and try to stick it in their mouth! 

Well, that's all from the Hollinsworth House! 

Yesterday was my SIL, Brooke's, birthday! 
Happy Birthday Sister!

Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July 2012

Well, we had a great 4th of July holiday! We spent the night before at my grandma's having the annual 4th partay! And again, she has yet to disappoint and put on a GREAT party with family and friends! We bbq'd and shot off fireworks! It was such a fun evening! We had a very relaxing actual 4th. We didn't do anything at all until 5 pm because of the heat. I don't know bout you guys...but this fam can't handle 109 degrees (that's what it is today!)!!!! We hit the beach for about an hour at 5:00. It was just enough to get us out of the house and get some fresh, but hot, air! 

Yeah...FUN! :) 

Also, last weekend I had a baby shower for my friend since before birth, Kris! She and her hubs, Chet, will be welcoming their first little baby, Bentley in August! I can't wait! So happy for the two of them! They will be great parents.