Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Mix-Up: Toddler Must-Haves!

Well, it's Monday so that means it is time for:

Heather and I are excited to be talking about Toddler/Baby Must-Haves this week! We hope you will link up and join us!

On to my must-haves for my Lexi Belle. These are just a few! Lexi is almost 3 and it is really getting easier to go places and do things because she is so independent. There are a few things that we use on the daily that I don't think I could live without! These are more along the lines of "girl" things, but some of them could definitely be used for both genders. 

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1. First 100 Words Book- Lexi is a little bit old for this but she still really enjoys looking at this and picking out all of the animals and other things.

2. Land's End Hooded Towel- These are the BEST. They are thick and big and you can even personalize them. You HAVE to have one (or 5) of these!

3. The IGuy for iPad - This little thing is a lifesaver. We use it for Lexi's iPad mini and it protects the iPad while providing handles for her to hold on to. Somebody was genius when inventing this. Just sayin'.

4. Land's End Tote - These are SO handy. We have them in multiple sizes and use them all of the time. They are great for the beach or every day use. Another bonus- you can personalize them. Winner.

5. Nalgene Toddler Water Bottle - We have tried multiple sippy cups and have found that these are the BEST. Seriously, they don't leak, they are a great size, and you can get them in a bunch of fun colors. I swear by theses babies. 

6. Suave Kids Detangler - We use this almost every day. With a little girl with long, blonde, curly hair, we HAVE to use something to get those tangles out. This works perfect and smells great, too. 

7. Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair - We are on our second one of these! My grandma got Lexi one when she was a baby and she seriously used that thing all of the time. We just graduated up to the next size for Lexi's new big girl room. They come in a ton of fun styles and colors!

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Happy Monday!

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