Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Mix-Up: Family!

Today I am SO excited to announce that Heather from The Heathered Life and I are starting a fun link-up on Mondays! Mix-Up Monday will be a weekly link-up where we talk about anything and everything! We are going to choose a theme word each week and you can write about anything that your heart desires that has to do with that word! Fun, right!? We think so!

A little bit about how Heather and I met. 

Isn't it funny how you can see someone on Instagram or Blogworld and you can just tell that you would 'click'? Well, that's what happened to us. I started following Heather and loved her style, her love for her family, and her taste! The next thing I know- we are starting a link-up together! SOOOOO excited. We would love for you to join us!

We had a fabulous weekend! 

It really started on Thursday. We had a great day at the doctor and got to see our little Harli Gray!
She looked perfect and healthy with super long fingers and big feet!

We then went to eat at the T-Rex Cafe and I will let this picture explain how Lexi Belle felt about it!

She thought it was PRETTY cool. Love this girl!

After T-Rex we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart for 3 hours to find our furniture and bed for the new house. Surprisingly, LB did fantastic. I honestly couldn't believe it! She was so good and watched her movies on her IPad in her stroller. Score!

A little negative thing that happened was that LB woke up with something funky going on with her eye on Thursday/Friday. Luckily, a little Benadryl solved the problem, so it must have been an allergy!

Poor thing!

Saturday we went to watch my sister's team play in the semi-finals! It was so exciting and they came out on top with a win! We will be going to Columbia on Thursday to watch them play in the FINAL FOUR! Guys, this is a BIG, BIG deal! After the game we went to Texas Roadhouse (one of our faves) and Lexi Belle was sure loving on her Aunt Cam. 

Love both of those girls so much!

Also, over the weekend we had our good friends from Potosi in town working on the stone on our fireplace. We had so much fun with them. We really wish they lived closer! Tony finished our fireplace and the kids had a blast. I'd say it was quite the successful weekend!

This was at nap they don't look really excited, but let me tell ya- they were. They had been outside playing and running around like crazy. SO MUCH FUN!

The finished fireplace. We love it so, so much!

Tony and Robert have been friends since high school. It was so cool for him to be able to help us with our house and he did SUCH a great job. Love these two boys.

Sunday we went to church and had a nice afternoon at home.

Church outfits:

Jacket, Gap (here) || Gray Peplum Tee, Gap (here) ||  Pants, Old Navy (here, but sold out) || gold flats, Old Navy (here)

Piko Top, Crave Boutique ||| Pants, Walmart jeggings $11 || Shoes, Tory Burch || Scarf, Old Navy (here)

Whew! What a busy weekend! I love weekends like this! 

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