Friday, January 10, 2014

Printing and Storing Instagram Photos

Happy Friday ladies!!!

Let's first start off by talking about how amazing Aliya Rinaldi is!!! She gave the 'ol blog a makeover and I could NOT be more happy with it! She did exactly what I asked her to it and I absolutely love it! If you are needing something done to your blog or web page, she's your girl for sure!

Now, on to the good stuff!

I posted this picture on Instagram and immediately had comments asking how in the world did I print these!!!!???!??!!!

Really girls, it's super easy. That's why I do it. 

Here are is how I print and store my IG photos. I know there are a thousand different ways, but I have found this is what works best for me.

1. Instaport-- This is how I get all of my IG photos from my Instagram on to my computer. It's super easy. You log in with your IG info and then you can pick and choose what photos you want to import. It puts them in a nice little zip file and you have all of your photos right at your finger tips. Pretty awesome, huh?! Yeah, totally.

2. Mpix-- This is where I print my photos. You can just upload that zip file Instaport just created for you right on to this site. I choose the 4x4 option and I think they are like $.29 or something and they are SUPER quick. Sometimes you will get them the next day! That's my kind of shipping. :)

3. Becky Higgins Project Life- This website will kind of give you an idea what this is all about. Basically it's an easy way to store your photos in a cute way without having to "scrapbook" them. I really wish I was into the whole scrapbooking thing because it looks so fun, but I've tried and failed and I've realized. I need quick and easy. I am way more digital than I am cut and paste and all that jazz.  Hence this blog.

4. Photo Binder- This is the style of binder I use. It comes in a ton of colors and I just love it. It's 12x12 and it hold all different types of page protectors. You can put ANY photo size in this, but I choose to do JUST my IG photos for now. I would love to get more into Project Life and use this for all of my photos, since I am really going to start trying to print more!

5. The Inserts- These are the inserts I use. You get 9 on a page and they work perfectly for the IG pics! Super cheap, too. Win. Win.

So that's how I do it! I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!!! I also want to note that I write the date and what we were doing on the back of each photo---because I know I will forget!

Happy printing! 


  1. I so need to do this!! LOVE this idea! So cute. And so glad you love your new look!!

  2. Thank you so much!! I love how they look in the album! Now I'm kicking myself for making so many collages because I like how the single photos look better! :)

  3. Love this!! Thanks for the ideas!!! I gotta get my 4000+ IG pictures printed!!

  4. I do project life and LOVE IT!!!! this is my second year! I have a thought for you. You mentioned writing on the back. you could always take a plain 4x4 card on the last page and write whats goin on ,on the page. or even on the end of each row. (unless of course you are private and would rather do it the other way ) it would kind of be like project life! :) you will love PL promise its been one thing I have BEEN 100 % consistent with.