Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday!

Hey Girls!

It's Friday {insert happy dance}!!!!!

I'm linking up with Christina over at Carolina Charm for Five on Friday!

{1} Camelbak Eddie Water Bottle- This is the BEST water bottle I have found! I really don't drink water like I should, so this at least helps me with my daily intake needed for the bambino. I have the liter size, and it forces me to chug-a-lug. 

{2} This top from Riffraff! - This top was on Riffraff's new arrivals today and I fell in love. It looks like it fits like a Piko but has such a fun pattern! This will be perfect for this growing belly. Catch it on sale today--15% off! Woop!

{3} Happy Mommy Box- I finally got one! If you haven't seen/heard about this you HAVE to go check it out. They are hard to get and you have to get on the waiting list, but oh my word am I excited to get mine! I was waiting on pins and needles on their website yesterday to make sure I didn't miss it!

Doesn't that sound like fun! Their past boxes have been amazing so I am super excited to get February's!

{4} Deciding on the nursery colors!-- I've been going back and forth on what I wanted to do for Harli Gray's nursery. I think I have finally decided at least on the color palette! I think I'm going to go with purples, wood colors, gray, and gold! I might throw in some pops of turquoise like the picture below:

Since Lexi Belle's room is in pink, I thought this would be something different for HG. Let's hope they are right and she really is a girl :) I won't start until after our ultrasound at 23 weeks...just to be safe!

{5} Green Apples- Lexi has started an obsession with apples and so have I! We have been going through these babies like crazy!!!

What are you loving today?

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  1. I love that top from Riffraff and I have never heard of 'The Mommy Box'. Might have to check it out :) Happy Friday!