Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend started off early for us! Robert took off Thursday and Friday and we had a long weekend planned! Thursday wasn't such a pleasant day. Lexi Belle had her 2 mont appointment and had to get 3 shots! Poor little thing...she was such a trooper though! She just cried for a little bit in the office and was fine after we left.  Here are her 2 month stats:

13 lbs---97%
24 inches--97%

She is such a little chub and we are so glad! It is amazing how much she has changed! She is laughing and cooing so much! I can tell each little thing she does will be so fun! The little noises she makes are just so darn cute!!

Well, after the dr's office, we headed to Eldo to my parent's house. We dropped LB off and picked up my sister, Cameron and headed to Branson. This was the first time we left LB over night and I was very hesitant. I knew she would be in the best hands, but still...we just missed her! After kissing her about a million times, Robert pulled me away and headed to Branson. Friday Robert, Cameron, and I went and spent a full day at Silver Dollar City. Even though it was pretty hot, we had a great time.

After SDC, we went to the hotel to shower and get ready to meet my parent's at the Branson Landing to see Big Smith. They had an outdoor concert at the Landing and it was great! They brought LB back to us and we had an enjoyable evening listening to Big Smith.

We spent the night Friday night and then headed home Saturday. I had to prepare for a bridal shower my mom and I were throwing for my cousin's fiance, Brittany on Sunday.  The shower went great and everyone had a fun time I think. We enjoyed the planning and fun girl time!

Whew...I don't have many pictures, but here are 3 my mom took Friday night!
(They are all from the Iphone).
Right after they got there with Lexi Belle.
Lexi Belle and I at the concert.
Cam, Lex, and I.

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