Friday, July 8, 2011

Lexi Belle's First Trip to See Her Great Great Grandpa Eldon

Today we went to see my Great Grandpa Eldon. He is in the Missouri Veteran's Home in Mt. Vernon, Missouri and is 89 years old. This facility is wonderful for our veterans and Grandpa enjoys being there. This was the first time he had met Lexi Belle in person. My grandparents had shown him pictures, but he hadn't got to see her in person. So, it was a special day. 

These 3 pictures were Thursday night at my parent's house. Lexi Belle was smiling at her Uncle E. :)

When we first got there, Grandpa said, "Lay her down here in my bed beside me." It was the sweetest thing. So, I laid LB down beside her and Grandpa spoke to her in this sweet whisper and just stared at her. I picked LB up so he could get a look at her face and he was looking right in her eyes and whispering something (it was so quiet I couldn't tell what he was saying...he is having a hard time talking at times.) Lexi Belle just stared right back into his eyes and then smiled the sweetest little smile at him. It was so sweet and I will never forget that moment.

This is 5 generations which is something we should be very proud of. It isn't a common thing for families to have this and I am very thankful we were able to take this picture. My Great Grandpa Eldon, my Grandpa Larry, my mom, me, and Lexi Belle. 

Grandpa Eldon with Lexi Belle

Grandpa wouldn't smile for the group pictures, but he would look at Lexi Belle and get the biggest grin on his face. He said she was "cute as a bug's ear". :)

It was such a great day. I'm so glad that Lexi Belle got to meet her Great GREAT grandpa Eldon. I hope there are many more of these visits to come.


  1. How sweet! So awesome that Lexi Belle got to meet her great-great-grandpa! 5 generations is amazing!! What a cutie!

  2. how sweet. my girls have a great great grandma too. Lexi is adorable

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes - how awesome that you guys have five generations of family together!