Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's Play Catch Up

So I'm really beginning to notice that it's really hard to blog when you have a baby! I get a bunch of pictures but it takes me forever to get them uploaded and on here. Since the last post Lexi has grown tons and is beginning to do different things. She is pretty much laughing now and will stick her tongue out when we stick ours out. It's the cutest thing. Also, she's sitting in the bumbo! At 2 months! She's such a big girl!

Here are a few pics I took the other day of her...she's just the best little thing!

This past weekend we went back to Potosi. This is us at our nephew, Noah's, state championship baseball game...which they won! Way to go MABA! Also, this was the first time Noah had seen Lexi!

Lexi with Gammaw (my mom)

Me & my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Brooke


  1. My husband just bought the exact same onesie for Maggie the other day! Too funny! She is so cute and sweet. Way to go on the bumbo Lexi!!! Maggie sits in it, but she doesn't look very comfortable yet. :)

  2. She is precious! My daughter is 9 weeks and I have been dying to go by a bumbo. I need to asap!