Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What do you have in YOUR hospital bag?

As the arrival of Lexi gets closer, I'm starting to think of what I need to pack for the hospital. What should I pack for her? What should I pack for myself? As a first-time mom, you don't know exactly what will be essential during your stay in the hospital. You can assume, but I'm guessing there are some little secrets to making the stay as comfortable as possible. So, I thought I'd see what advice I could get on what to pack for the hospital.

Any advice?


  1. Haha oh my gosh this is why I love your blog because we are always doing the SAME things! My bag is 80% packed I've been working off a master list that's a compilation of 2 I found online and had 10 or so mom's review LOL

    Here's the one I'm working off of:

    Fuzzy Socks/slippers
    Going home clothes/Comfortable/flowy pants (maternity)
    Full coverage underwear (few pairs)
    Nursing tops
    Flip flops
    Nursing bras

    Toothbrush / toothpaste
    Makeup/small mirror
    Face wash/body wash/lotion
    Hair elastics
    Nursing pads

    Personal documents/identification/insurance information
    Folders for new hospital documents
    Notebook and pen - to keep track of babys schedule & gifts for TY notes
    Baby Book - bookmarked on page of feet stamp

    iPod & Speakers
    iPhone charger
    Laptop & power cord - if c-section/staying longer
    Camera bag camera & charger

    List of who to call/email after baby is born
    Change for vending machines
    Light reading
    Sugar-free hard candy

    Pillow and blanket
    Change of clothes/hygiene products
    Phone charger

    Going home outfit with hat and socks
    Swaddling blankets/Swaddleme
    1-2 onesies (newborn & 0-3)
    Baby blanket
    Blankets to put in car seat
    Car seat/stroller

  2. I like Jen's list. Mine is similar... one thing I would say is that my BFF told me to wear nursing gowns instead of nursing tops and separate bottoms because they check you down there SO OFTEN especially that first day that you would have to take your pants off each time (which is kind of awkward. Anyway, just my two cents. :)

  3. What a great topic (and great list Jen) for all of us mamas-to-be. This is something I've thought about but haven't even started working on. I still have some time but I better get going soon! :)

  4. my list is practically identical to jen's!
    i'm also bringing my pump to the hospital, i want to make sure i can test it out there and know how to use it!
    i'm also bringing a couple outfits for baby because you don't know how big/small your baby will be. i'm bringing a few hats as well so he can wear something different than the hospital hat. i got him personalized hats ;)
    i have had our bags packed for a while now...i just hope i don't forget any of that last second stuff that you can't really pack until day of!