Saturday, April 2, 2011

Baby Shower #2

Today was my second baby shower! It was put on by one of my best friends from high school. She took the pink/brown theme and did a great job! A lot of family and friends came and it was a blast. Lexi received a ton of wonderful gifts and continues to be more and more spoiled every day! The food was great and the cake was hilarious! Kris had been planning this cake since before I was even pregnant! It was sooo cute and was a classic! Here are a few pictures from the day...I just want to thank Kris for putting so much into making it a great shower!
Here is the cake! Isn't it so cute!

The food was great! There were great fruit trays, chocolate covered strawberries, veggie pizza, and cheese and crackers! It was all delish!

Chocolate covered strawberries....yummmm.

All of the little details she had done...

Here I am with the host...Kris. Thanks again!

Kris got her these blocks! Aren't they cute!?!

Cameron and I

The Great-Grandmas!

Then came the games....I had to eat 8 kinds of baby food and guess what kind it was.
I about puked.
Enough said.

My mom surprised me with this blanket. This is one of the few secrets she has kept for Lexi.
It turns out that she has been planning this out for some time now. She has never sewed a ton, but she wanted to make something for Lexi. She took a whole day off of work and spent the entire day working on this. Of course the planning took way more than a day. The whole story is pretty funny and I can't tell her how much it means for her to spend all of the time and work on it for Lexi. It was awesome and my favorite gift of all. It will be one that we use a lot!!!
Thanks Grandma Kelly!

I think my mom was trying to cut through the belly...but realized it was a Styrofoam ball...not sure with these girls.

Cameron, me, and Mom in our pink.

It was a great day and Lexi is all set with more than she could ever need or want!

Now just 6 more weeks....and we will meet the little princess!


  1. That cake is adorable; how funny! What a great shower with some very sweet touches. And you look fab, mama!

  2. omg that cake looks amazing!!!! it is probably the cutest cake Ive ever seen. i love it!!!! :)

  3. Everything looks so wonderful! What a sweet gift from your mother... :)

  4. Your cake is adorable, love it! Aren't showers great! What a great gift from your mom, that is so sweet!

  5. Your shower looked fab!! I LOVE the cake!

  6. Yum! I wish I got a bite! It looks delicious! I got some really cool ideas from this post for my best friend’s baby shower. I have also shortlisted some of the beautiful New York venues for the event. I hope I am able to make this day the best day of her life.