Friday, April 1, 2011

33 Weeks...(late update-34 weeks on Monday!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Probably around 25? Not sure, go to the doctor on Monday!
Gender: Girl, Lexi Belle
Movement: Still moving a lot! They are getting painful due to her being so squashed in there..Poor little thing, where is she suppose to put those feet?
Stretchmarks: Nope, linea negra (sp) is here for sure!
Sleep: Sleep is so-so. Some nights, good...some nights, bad.
What I miss: Nothing really. The swelling is back so maybe normal sized ankles and feet.
Cravings: Nothing different. I still want a corn dog every now and again..I have no idea why.
Symptoms: I haven't had any more contractions, thank goodness. I have had some Braxton-Hicks, though. The swelling isn't as bad this week, thank goodness! I wish I knew exactly what was causing it...because I didn't do anything different this week!
Best Moment this week: Nothing major has happened this week. I have another baby shower tomorrow that I am really looking forward to. Then, we have a doctor's appointment on Monday!
Random Updates: Nothing really new going on. I did lay out Lexi's going home outfit and loaded the diaper bag. That was a weird feeling!! AHHH!!!

33/34 week Belly Pic:
This doesn't really do it justice. I think the phone pics make me look smaller. Believe me, I'm large and in charge!
Lexi is the size of a honeydew. Over 17 inches and 4.2 pounds!


  1. your tummy is so cute hun! love the shirt you are wearing! it's so springish!
    have a great weekend and a fun time at your shower!! :)

  2. Haha I hear you on "large and in charge"! You look great though! I still need to pack the diaper bag - and hospital bag actually ahh! Oh AND get a ridiculously cute going home outfit! Did you share yours?

  3. My phone pics make me look smaller too. You look cute though! Have fun at your baby shower. :)

  4. You look great! You are getting so close- little Lexi will be here before you know it.