Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today Ellie & I had a pretty laid back day. She was pampered at the groomer for about an hour while I ran a few errands in town. We came home and laid out in the sun for awhile, but I hate to say it: Ellie isn't a big fan of the heat. Nor am I. BUT the weddin' is this weekend and I don't want to be the "white" bridesmaid (who cares, I know, but sadly I do). RK is in the city today for a meeting and tonight he is going to a Royal's game with some of the guys from work (no, he hasn't converted, but we support all athletic teams from our state, except the Chiefs). SO, it's just me and the El'ster tonight. Unfortunately, laundry will probably be on my agenda.

Only a couple of weeks until I go back to work. Ugh. Where has the summer gone? I wish I were right back here: Maui, Hawaii, like we were last summer...

(that's a picture we took while sitting on the beach at sunset: DREAMY)

And this is Ellie with her hedgehog. She's crazy.

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