Monday, July 19, 2010

As Handy as a Pocket on a Shirt, Future House, & Our New Addition!

This weekend Robert started on his workbench in the garage. He's pretty handy and can build about whatever he wants. He built the garage which we are living in! (I'll post pictures soon so you can see what I'm talking about.) This little project took him Saturday afternoon and a couple of hours yesterday. It looks awesome! It will make the garage tidy and organized, yippee! Did I mention that it was bout 500 degrees while he was doing this? I was sweating just watching! (I helped a little...held boards, brought him water, stuff like that :)

Our Future House!
This is what our house will look like! I absolutely cannot wait. Love where we are now, but this is just going to be more than I could ever ask for! We are in the process of getting the plans drawn, etc. etc. I never realized how much goes into building a house, but let me tell ya folks- there's a lot. I think I'll leave the difficult stuff (everything but decorating, picking paint colors, choosing furniture, etc.) to 'ol Roberto! Luckily, he's good at that stuff. Quite talented--Not to brag ;) You can see the actual plan here!!

One of these little beauties is coming to our house this weekend!!!!!
On Saturday, Robert and my dad are taking a road trip to Fredonia, KS to pick up our new puppy! There were 6 males and 2 females in her litter and these are the two little girls. Another guy gets first pick, so we are unsure which we will get! I'll take either one! Aren't they precious! She is a Brittany and will be 6 weeks Saturday. We have been debating on names, but I love Charlie. I guess we will have to see her to name her, but we are super excited about our new little puppy! I'm sure I will be posting numerous pictures. :)

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