Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dinner, movies, Starbucks, & soreness

Today when Robert woke up he walked over to Starbucks which is in the mall next door. How sweet :) He brought me my favorite thing before he left for the day. What a sweetheart.

Last night instead of going to dinner with the UIEC dinner with the group, Rk decided to stay here with me and WE went to dinner :) I was so happy. I'n not lonely yet, but the extra time I got with him was greatly appreciated. We drove around the downtown area and looked around. We ate at a place called the Red Bento. It was an asian place and I had actually sampled the California Roll (sushi) for lunch. It was delish so we decided to go back for dinner. It was tasty. I was just glad to have him there. I think he had about enough after a day of accounting and finance from the lecture. :)

After dinner we went to Walmart to get a cord to connect the laptop to the tv so we could watch a movie. Yes, the do offer movies on the hotel tv but they are...wait for it.....$15 bucks! How about no thank you. We stopped at Hastings and got Valentine's Day (which I will be watching today--chick flick-Rk isn't big on those) and some other movie with Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendez (rk's pick). We realized when we got back that we had got the wrong cord so I will go back today to get the right one. :) We were both tired so we just laid down and naturally fell asleep quick.

As for my Zumba class kicked my butt and I am FEELING it today. I could tell as soon as I woke up that pain was on its way. I guess that's a good thing but I'm thinking the Rec Center might have to wait until tomorrow because I might fall over if I try to do anything ;)

So, now Rk has left for the day :( and I am watching the Today show--which I LOVE and don't get to watch during the school year--so I'm really enjoying that every day. I'm planning out my day and think it will consist of wally world (taking back the cord), possibly going to Macy's to see if I can find a carry on bag, maybe getting my nails filled, head to Mexico (tanning place), and probably grab me a new magazine and read it in the courtyard. Rough day huh. I'm telling ya, Moscow life isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Not having to be anywhere, do anything, or have ANY obligations is something I could REALLY get used to. However, I am looking forward to getting home so I can watch the 2 cutest boys in the world, Riley and Jackson. I heart those little guys. Oh yeah, That reminds me. I need to post my pics from RJ's 1st bday party Saturday! They had a WONDERFUL cookout for him and we really enjoyed that day. It was a nice thing to go to before we left for Idaho. I'll get to that soon!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day. I forgot to go tan tonight I realized after reading your story. You make me want to go on vacation. Glad you are having fun. ZUMBA!!! Girlfriend, now you have made me feel bad about not getting my firm tape started today. Too busy again. Gotta get up earlier. You go girl!