Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Weekend in Instagram Pictures

Happy Tuesday!

We had an eventful weekend to say the least. 
We went back to Potosi for a wedding and had yesterday off!
Here are a few pics we snapped over the weekend. 

I got these BEAUTIFUL flowers from Robert on Valentine's Day! 
He sent some to Lexi Belle, too. Such a good daddy! She just wanted to smell them. 



We ate at Cracker Barrel on the way to Potosi and she found this horse and LOVED it.

She was so good at CB. She just sat there and played and ate a good breakfast, which is unusual!

and just a couple of random ones of LB and I.

 Let's talk about this crown. She found it at my in-laws and LOVED it. She didn't want to take it off!

It was a good weekend overall...

Loved spending it as our family of 3. :)

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