Monday, February 25, 2013

Catch Up: First Haircut and 21 Months!

 Well, once again, I'm behind. Story of my life!

Lexi had her first haircut on December 28. (I know, it's February) We took her to a kid's salon in OP, Kansas and she loved it and did so well! She sat in a pink Cadillac and watched a movie while the sweetest girl cut her hair! She was done in like 8 minutes and it looked so cute. We didn't take much off because mommy couldn't part with the curls. We had the inverted bob going on, not on purpose, so we just evened it all out! Definitely a good experience! Here are the pictures!

Now, on to our big 21 month old! 
UGH! Where is this time going. LB has recently been doing so much and seeming SO grown up!

Lexi Belle, you are:
33 lbs
Size 2T-3T
Size 6-7 Shoe
Love Mac 'N Cheese
"No no"
"Don't do that" 
and a TON more, those are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head!

You are taking our hands and leading us to what you want. 
Usually it's the candy drawer!

You point at everything!

I'm starting to think about party number 2. Can't believe it's already almost here. 
Time sure does fly by!

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