Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hey there!
Just going to post a few pics and bring us up to date on Miss Lexi Bella.
Right now she is fighting off another cold! I'm not sure if it is allergies or what, but her poor little nose is just a pourin'! Poor girl.
Last night Lexi didn't want to go to we put her in her crib so she could wind down. We were pooped so we headed to bed upstairs. She fussed and cried for a little bit, and then it got quiet. I thought, "great! she went to sleep." FALSE. The next thing I hear is little footsteps coming up the stairs! OMG! The little monkey got out of her crib! I about DIED. Couldn't believe she got out!
So, tonight, we are converting to a toddler bed. I am having a hard time with this. I don't think she is old enough! However, she can't be climbing out, so toddler bed it is. We will see how this goes tonight! :S
Here are a few pics as of lately.
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