Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day and New Pool!

Sunday we celebrated our 2nd Father's Day! Last year Lexi Belle was just a little shot...she has grown so much in 1 year!

But Lexi Belle told me to put on my blog how great of a daddy she thinks her daddy is. 

He is so patient, especially when I'm not...
He helps me SOOO much...around the house, and with LB.
I know I never have to worry about much because he usually has everything covered.

We are lucky girls! 
Happy Father's Day babe!

Now on to Lexi's new swimming pool...

In Florida we realized LB's love for the water. She had soooo much fun at the beach/pool that we knew we had to get her a little pool when we got home. So, Saturday we went and got her just a cheap little blow up pool....and she loves it! She has only played in it once, but I know we will be doing it a lot more this summer!

On a side-note...
Aren't we so glad we can make a collage again! Whew! I sure am!

OHHHH! One more's kind of big.

Lexi slept the WHOLE night in her bed on Friday. 
Yeah, awesome.

BUT, the last two night she has woke up screaming and can't get easy for a while afterwards. I don't know if it is nightmares? Teeth? I don't know, but it is bad. 
We are working on it, and we will get there....but to all of those preggo mommies out there...start them in their beds as soon as you can. I love her being with us...but she's so big now it is rather dreadful at night when you get kicked in the ribs, face, name it.  :)

that's all.

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