Tuesday, May 3, 2011

38 Weeks & The Speedster

First off, We are 38 weeks this week. We went for our checkup yesterday and everything was great. I had no weight gain, and Lexi is measuring right on track. I was dilated to a 1, but doctor said that she still had a ways to come down and my cervix was still long. SO, she said we probably won't be meeting our little one till the week of the 16th. Our ultrasound due date said May 15th, and our due date based on our dates is May 19th, so she will be coming SOMETIME in there. Hopefully! The longer she can cook the better. We don't want to risk any complications taking her too soon.

After the appointment we went to my little sister, Cameron's, track meet! She has had a GREAT season and has won 1st in all of her events at almost all of her meets (yes, I'm bragging). She's super fast! Here are a few pics from her last meet!

 Also, on my last day, a couple of my students wanted to snap a few pics. I thought I'd stick them on here so I could remember how big I was at 9 months pregnant. Also- all of you mommies to be out there- have you noticed people staring at your belly? Boy, I hadn't noticed as much... but yesterday it was SO obvious with all of the double takes I got. Women smile at you with this "sweet" smile like awww...and men look at you like, "Watch out...Shamu coming through!" Oh well, guess it is to be expected!


  1. You are getting so close! I know what you mean about people staring- it's so funny. I also had a stranger ask to touch my belly for the first time- talk about akward!

  2. Totally hear you about people staring! And asking!

  3. You look great! You'll get there. I have definitely noticed the 'sweet lady smile'. Hang in there!!