Monday, December 20, 2010

18 Weeks & Christmas Decor

As of Thursday we are 18 weeks. Can't believe it is going as fast as it is! I am so anxious to find out the gender of the baby in 14 days! Everything is going great...feeling's growing...and over this past week I have really felt the baby move a lot. It seems to be the most active in the morning and when I lay down at night to go to bed. Maybe it's because I concentrate and notice the movement more, but it is amazing. I can't wait until it kicks hard enough for Robert to feel it!

Christmas is only 5 days away and I'm very anxious for it to get here! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. We are headed to Potosi tomorrow to spend the rest of the week there. We will leave Friday evening and head to my mom and dad's. They are calling for snow Friday night and Saturday! Yay!  Here are a few pictures of what Christmas looks like around our house. I love having the tree up and the lights on all of the time. The house will look so bare without them!

On another note, Ellie has loved Christmas, too. She decided to open a few presents (which weren't hers) a little early. She's getting a little crazy these days. Today I looked over and here is what I saw....
Yeah, someone is a little bit spoiled. She spent the night with Suzie (my mom and dad's dog) and she was wore out!

And here's one more picture from mom's house...the stockings. The mantle is getting year there will be one more stocking! 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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