Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lexi Lately

We have had a ton of stuff going on around the Hollinsworth House lately! We are thinking about making some changes in our world and it seems like we have been on the go constantly! Lexi Belle is growing by the minute! She is working on some more teeth and is just full of energy! Her are some pictures as of lately....

 Driving the tractor with Poppy!

 Going to Aunt Cam's ballgames!

Hanging out in our new princess tent that Nana got us!

Mommy's ticket...ouch.

 We have a new found love for corn dogs. Who doesn't!?

The new shirt mommy made for LB to wear to Cam's games!

Little girls need pink Nike's to run around in! Duh!

Twinky day at school...totally didn't plan this!

Playing with dogs at ball games :)

Riding the mini marry-go-round at Branson Mall!

As you can see she is one busy girl. We love her to pieces and are getting such a kick out of watching her grow! 

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