Monday, April 2, 2012

Floppy hat, napping, and Baby Monitor App!

Don't you just want to kiss that little face!
I sure do.

These are both from my phone...but thought they were cute!
The left one is when we went for a walk one evening. We have been going every night because the weather is beautiful. You can't help but be outside!
The one on the right is her position for her nap on Saturday in her crib. I went to check on her and it cracked me up! I guess she is comfortable!

Speaking of napping...
I found this cool new app you can use in place of a baby monitor if you don't want to carry the little speaker/screen thing around!
All you do is sit your iphone in the baby's room and turn it on. When it detects a sound, it sends a call to a number of your choice and allows you to hear what is going on! Brilliant!
You can also set it up where you can use Facetime and SEE what your baby is doing.
There IS an app for everything.

Well, the summer is fast approaching and I cannot be more ready! Bring on the summer! Our flowerbed is almost finished! I'll post pics soon! Robert did a great job on it!

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