Thursday, February 23, 2012

9 months

This post is a few days late, but on the 17th, Lexi Belle turned 9 months.
I repeat. 9 MONTHS!

She has really turned into a little curious George. She wants in to EVERYTHING and she is getting SO brave. She pulls up to everything and has caught herself standing alone a time or two. I would say it isn't going to be long before she is walking. I think we chase her now...I can only imagine what it'll be like when she starts walking.

Grandma weighed her the other day and she weighs 27 lbs! She is such a big girl! I am anxious to see how she progresses in growth. My dad always teased I would have a little girl who outgrew me in a second. Well, he might be right!

I would also like to note that LB got her FIRST TOOTH! Yay! Its on the bottom right. She got it on her 9 month birthday! The one beside it is almost won't be long. She is SO tough. She has barely even fussed with this painful event.

She is the sweetest little thing and we love her SO much.

She is still doing her "cheer" on command and it still makes everyone smile who is around. Every time.

The 9 month photo shoot didn't go so hot, so the following pics are all we got :)

Happy 9 months, LB!

We are loving reading books....we can point to the baby in the book!

Our chair is perfect for watching MMC.

Oh, yeah, our newest thing! That TV is just SO tempting!

We like to walk with our walker...kind of...

Yeah, I know...she's pretty much the sweetest little thing and she melts our hearts every day.

My goal is to start blogging daily. It just seems like I run out of time! I know that is no excuse...but I need to make sure I take a picture of Lexi Belle a day because she is growing SO fast. These days are flying by and I don't want to miss one single thing! :)

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