Thursday, March 24, 2011

32 Weeks

This is super late, but Monday I was 32 weeks. We had our first baby shower last Saturday and it was GREAT. I coulnd't have asked for any better. My friends Emily, Renee, and Candi put SO much work into making my baby shower amazing. There were games, great food, gifts, and more! A post will come later on that. I was having problems with my pictures the other night when I tried to do a post.

As for 32 weeks...boy we are getting close....

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my appointment on Monday I was up 23 lbs. Seems like a lot but the doctor said that I was doing great.

Gender: Girl, Lexi Belle

Movement: The movements are really starting to amaze me now. I can't believe how big some of them are. I swear that she was doing flips in there this week! What cracks me up is when she pokes her little butt (or head) up and there is a huge bump on one side of my belly! I just wonder what body part it is! I am not sure if she is head-up or head-down. It feels like I can feel feet down low, but who knows. :)

Stretchmarks: Nope, linea negra (sp) is here for sure!

Sleep: This past week I have slept better than I have for awhile! I think it's because I'm so tired when I lay down that there is no stopping the sleep. I haven't been tossing as much. Usually I am parked on my left side. Body pillow wedged behind my back, regular pillow wedged in front. Weird, but it works.

What I miss: Nothing really. The swelling is back so maybe normal sized ankles and feet.

Cravings: Nothing different. Just eating like usual.

Symptoms: Contractions. The real ones. Apparently I thought they were Braxton Hicks...but when I described them to my doctor, she said they were the real deal. Yikes. Luckily I haven't had them regularly, but still...kinda scares me!

Best Moment this week: The Baby Shower. We also took a tour of the labor and delivery floor of our hospital. We got to see exactly where we would be and where we would be after having Lexi. Everything was so nice and we were both really impressed with it!

Random Updates: I am really feeling huge. I don't know what the deal is because I still have 8 weeks (really almost 7) but I feel like a cow. I have recently been emotional, too. I haven't been hardly at all since I've been preggo, but lately the littlest things can put me to tears. Yuck.

Week 32 marks a 3 3/4 pound, 16 inch jicama. It's a root vegetable I'm sure you've tasted without realizing it in foods like Mexican/Asian slaws. Either way, it's representing a heavy baby that sits on my bladder:) As of this week, the baby's skin is no longer transparent as she continues to build a healthy layer of fat.



  1. Can't wait to see pictures from your shower! So exciting that you are getting close. It will be here before you know it!

  2. Can't wait to see the pics from your shower! I hear you with the contractions - oy!