Friday, October 15, 2010

9 Weeks

Well, we've made it 9 weeks! Everything is going great! I've only been sick a few times and basically just feel nauseous all of the time. It's not unbearable though! We went to the doctor on Wednesday and everything checked out great!! The doctor answered a few questions I had and told me to come back in 4 weeks! We didn't get to hear the heartbeat because she said it would be too early. I didn't mind because we got to hear it when we had the ultrasound. I know the little one is doing alright because I've been so nauseous. The doc said that being sick means it's a healthy pregnancy. Go figure! I'm ok with it though. As long as the little one is growin'!

As far as cravings go, I haven't had many. I would say pickles (although cliche) but the main thing I've noticed that I've wanted is anything hot or with melted cheese on it. Potatoes in any shape of form (fries being my favorite) are what I want the majority of the time :) Oh, and SWEET TEA. Something I really didn't care for before I was pregnant, but boy do I want it now! Guess I'll have to buy some decaf. :)

My pants are starting to feel a little snug...I'm guessing by about 12 weeks you'll definitely be able to see a baby bump. I swear I see one now, but I'm a little anxious.

Whether or not we find out is still up in the air...I say yes...RK thinks a surprise would be neat. I agree with him, but I just want to prepare with clothes, bedding, carseat, stroller, etc. We will see when the time comes...which is the week of CHRISTMAS. What a neat present, right? I am just so anxious to see whether or not we will be having:

Lexi Belle
Tucker Keith

I'm still thinkin' it's a little Tucker in there...Rk swears we will have a little Lexi Belle.
Either way, I absolutely cannot wait.
May 19th....

What do you think it is? Visit the poll on the right-hand side of my blog and cast your vote! It's neat to see what everyone thinks.
(Grandma, you can't vote anymore! ;) )
She's already voted boy....twice.

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