Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally some sunshine...

SO today we FINALLY got to see some sunshine. It sounds like we better not get too used to it because the rain is suppose to return tomorrow. The last few days have been pretty laid back. Rk is really getting tired of the course...they rarely give them a break! All day lecture...dinner (sometimes with a lecture) dad was right when he said "utility bootcamp"!!! BUT, with all of that aside, Rk is learning quite a bit and it's a privilege to be here...I think ;)

So my days have consisted of waking up...turning on the TODAY show (my fav!)...having some coffee....going to the gym...and actually the last couple of days Rk has skipped lunch with the group and went with me! He brings along Shawn (rancher from Wyoming/engineer who designs/builds power plants). He is 32 and quite funny. He has A LOT of stories which are pretty humorous. He is actually leaving this weekend to go home to see his wife and 2 year old. DO NOT blame him at all!

Tonight is bowling with the group so we will see how that goes...

We were suppose to go rafting on Sunday but we found out today that the water is too big right now...It's up which means that there will be a lot of trees and debris that would not be fun to float with. SO now the weekend is up in the air on what we are going to do.

A bright spot in my day, besides lunch with the hubby, is the GRAND OPENING of RUE 21. This is a store I love and have been walking by every day in the mall...waiting for it to open. Well, today's the day and I went and it was wonderful. I could have spent a lot of money but didn't because 1-don't have room in the suitcase and 2- I have ENOUGH clothes and shoes.
My latest thing is summer dresses. I've come to the realization that they are comfy and stylish! Woo hoo! Found some cheap ones here so I should be in business!

Well, that's really all for now...Hope everyone is doing great.

Love, R &R

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