Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Still Alive & A Day of Working Cattle

We are still alive. I promise. 

I have been SO behind lately as far as the blogging world goes. I've failed to document my pregnancy thus far and now with only about 8 weeks left, it's a little late to start. I'm 31 weeks and feeling great. I definitely feel pregnant, but feel great. 

We have been so busy getting the house in order and finished up. We are a ways from being completely done, but we have made strides in making it feel more like a "home" instead of a construction zone. I have to hand it to my husband; he has worked his butt off. I mean that guy comes home from work and then works on house stuff until bed time. He even takes the time to do some of my honey-do items that definitely don't hold priority in his world, but mean a lot to me. He's a keeper. For sure.

Lexi Belle has been doing really well. It seems like she is growing like a weed lately. She's eating more, acting older, and surprising us daily with things she does and says. She has been acting like a baby here and there which totally tells me that contrary to what we think, she knows exactly what is about to happen. She's about to have a baby sister. I can't wait for the two to meet. 

I've been finishing up the nursery, washing baby clothes, working on LB's room and just trying to get things the way I'd like them to be. Sometimes it feels like I go all day and look back and think, "What did I actually get done today?" Oh, the struggle and it's about to take a wild leap here soon.

Last Saturday we worked cattle at my parents. Here are a few pics from the day!

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  1. Okay I love the picture of her climbing the fence in her panties and Granny is far too fabulous in the shade!!!