Monday, February 10, 2014

My Little Girl Is Growing Up

I don't know where this time is going, but Lexi Belle has all of the sudden turned into a little girl. I got her dressed for church on Sunday and she just looked so big. She is starting to talk SO much more. We were a little worried because she wasn't talking very much, but she has really started to! She says "Ellie" and it is the CUTEST thing you have ever heard. I need to get a video of it soon because seriously, it makes me melt.  I snapped a couple pictures yesterday of Lexi and her Daddy. She has been so into him lately (as always). When he walks in after work she screams, "DADDY!" I think I get more enjoyment out of HIS face when she does this. She runs over and wraps her little arms around his neck and I can tell---she has him wrapped right around her little finger. :)

Look at her little hands in the second picture. Melts. My. Heart.

I'm also 20 weeks today. Hopefully I will do an update tomorrow or Wednesday. We go see our doctor tomorrow, so I thought I'd wait so my documentation would be more accurate. Frankly I'm scared to see what the scale says. Food loves me and I love it. True story.

Happy Monday friends.

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