Friday, January 25, 2013


Lately it seems I have let this 'ol blog go down. I haven't even posted all of our Christmas pictures. Yeah, it's almost February. I am terrible! One thing I have stuck with is Instagram. I post pictures there from our everyday life and can't live without it. However, when I print this big blog book, I'm going to want to look back and see what all we did in our busy days. SO, for now, here is our little Lexi Belle lately. 20 months of fun right here, folks. She is so stinkin' sweet. She's starting to do some really grown up things, like tucking in her babies and kissing them. It melts my heart every time.

Lexi Belle's first hair cut!!! She just got it trimmed up and was such a big girl! We took her to a place in Leawood that was JUST for kids and she did great!!!

 She found where the Hershey kisses were....and she frequents this spot quite often. 


 She made a friend at Cameron's basketball game and wouldn't stop hugging her. She loves kids!

Blog every day. That's my goal. Even if it is just one picture of our Bella!

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  1. You're gorgeous! :) Happy to see a post from you, of course I love following you on IG! ;)