Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Trip to Potosi and Float Trip

Tuesday afternoon we left and headed out to Rolla, MO. We met up with some friends and had dinner and took a tour of Rolla (Where Rk went to college). We had a great time with Mike & Kim and really appreciated their hospitality (thanks guys!). We spent the night at their house and headed out the next morning. 

The next day we floated the Current River. We had a GREAT time and enjoyed the relaxing day on the river. Ellie was great and even did a little swimming! It was sooo cute!

That night we went to my Mother and father in-laws and relaxed for the evening. Being in the sun can really take it out of ya! The next day we just hung out around the house and enjoyed some time with the family. That evening, Robert and his dad went fishing and caught some big ones! They were about 5 lbs each! While they fished, Jeanie (my MIL) and I went and got Mary and Grace (my SIL and niece) and went to see my niece, Paige, at the restaurant where she works. We had a great time and went to let Gracie play in the park. It was a good day!

On Friday went floating on the Huzzah River with Mary and her family. We laughed SO hard because Mary and I didn't have the best steering skills in the world and the guys and kids thought it was hilarious. I guess it probably was and we got some good laughs out of it. It was a really fun day and we really enjoyed it. That night my MIL fried the fish the guys caught the night before. Yum! After that we went to the Washington County Fair. LOL. That was a good time and an experience everyone should see. We met up with a couple of friends, Bubba & Alicia, and hung out with them for the evening. It was great!

It was such a fun week and the pictures tell it all....:)           

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